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DC Comics Imaginary stories

The recent posting I had done and a comment left at my Deviantart account got me thinking of the rich history of DC Comics Imaginary stories and how much their concept was much of an influence as the Tiny Titans were for the Batman and Sons webcomic, even though I haven‘t realized it until now.

I read many of these imaginary stories growing up and my favorite one was the Super-Sons. There were others that were just as entertaining and I went digging around my collection to find one example that made me laugh out loud.

The following images come from Action Comics 392, Sept 1970, called ‘The Shame of the Super-Son!, this issue is part two of the story, ‘The Punishment of Superman’s Son’ from Action Comics 391, where Superman, believing that his son had become a menace, removed his superpowers by exposing him to Gold K. The story picks on how the Superman's son deals with the loss of his strength. If you want to know the ending, Superman, using special bracelets he received from the scientists in Kandor, gave his own superpowers to his son.

Now I wasn’t able to find issue 391 in my collection, and I’ll be looking for one on Ebay, but what I love about this one is how the characters are at home, especially Batman. Take a look…

Looks like Superman of this world wasn't married to Lois Lane. :(

Batman is in the den, watching a cowboy movie. Batman is in the den...

I love this page above.

Aren't these images wonderful?

And why do I bring this up?

There are many readers out there who don’t know the Imaginary stories DC Comics produced decades ago, where the rules were bent and the ideas of ‘What if’ were meant to be fun.

That is exactly what I wanted when I started out with the Batman and Sons webcomic, I just wanted (and still do) for the stories to be fun and worry-free. Who cares if they were born with their mask on? But when I started working on Cabbage Patch, I kept thinking of what others would think and the question that I believed would be asked, ‘Why does Terry have on his mask?’ I kept debating about it, to the point I delayed posting the story, that should have been up in April. Thankfully, I finally decided that my worries were unnecessary, and I knew that many of you out there are smart enough to know the difference.

I regret my comments on both my journal and Deviantart, but I won’t remove them and leave them there as a reminder for myself not to take it so seriously and have fun, just as I wanted from the start.

Thank you all for the support you have given me and until the next posting,


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