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It's not Batman and Sons, but...

This happens to me once in awhile. I'm working on a drawing and it's not coming out the way I want it to. So the best thing to do is to step away and go back to it later. For me, I sometimes wait until the next day.

Well, it happened the other day, and I was frustrated because I wanted the drawing done that day. So as I'm grumbling, I grabbed a new sheet of paper and started a new drawing, unrelated to the subject I was working on, but always close to my heart.

So guess who these ladies are?

P.S. The next day, I got the other drawing I was working on, finished. Yay!

P.S.S. If anyone wants icons of the ladies, let me know. Thanks.


Mar. 10th, 2010 04:19 am (UTC)
Mainly because of the fanpush to bring her back after her horrible death that was completely out of character for the person who caused it. I really can't imagine what was running through the writers minds when they thought that Leslie Thompkins would just let a child die when she has the ability to save her. Like Step or not this was probably one of the biggest out of character moments for anyone in the DCU.

I personally find it amusing that when she died I saw a lot of complaints and demands to bring her back, when she came back I saw a lot of happy fans too. But now that she's back a lot of people are arguing she was better dead. Most of the people I've asked attribute it to three things, her being Batgirl rather than the sidekick, Tim barely interacting with her now a days, and the fact that she hasn't really grown as a character since her introduction. I think the last one is the biggest issue... I haven't read the current Batgirl run but last I heard she still was the Batfamily's resident screw-up, just like she was in the 90s.
Mar. 10th, 2010 04:26 am (UTC)
That's always been my problem with her. I admit when I first saw Spoiler I was okay with her. She didn't seem that bad honestly and she was annoying, but I could accept that as long as she didn't stay annoying.

But she just never changed. And she has had more opportunities then most of Gotham's unofficial sidekicks. I never understood why Tim felt a need to protect her and defend her--she chose to be the Spoiler. With even less reasoning then most sidekicks--no one asked her to be a sidekick, no one asked her to defend people and no one sure as hell told her to be sidekick to Batman who has more enemies willing to kick a kid around than most.

When she died, regardless of how she died, I was relieved. Then she did the ghost act with Cassandra/Batgirl (which never understood that friendship at all) and I just through my hands in the air and decided DC wanted the sky to fall or something. And now she *is* Batgirl and I just cried. So much. I was so happy to see a return of the Batgirl monthly and there was Cassandra and then BAM!

DC really likes to kill my happy comic girl moments...

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