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What is Old, but New!

Those of you who have been following me these last few years, know that there was a period where I was not posting on a regular basics as I did at the beginning. Personal issues kept me from doing much work on the computer for the webcomic but I never stopped drawing it. And because of that, I have files of completed one page comics and two stories waiting for me to color. I am now on a mission to get every single one of them done and to share with all of you. Plus I am also drawing a new story.

A sneak peek drawing was posted here a few months ago. (Just to refresh your memory below.)


You will notice some difference in the style of how the characters look but don't worry about that. Just remember that these comics were drawn throughout the last few years and drawing styles can change. The one I posted today below, was drawn in 2009 and was colorized in 2010. The poor thing just got lost in the folders on my computer.


This old gem was another test comic I did before I started posting Batman and Sons webcomic in 2008. Much like the story, 'The Last Son', which was another test comic, I was trying out character style and coloring but wasn't planning on uploading it.


Well, this little story never left me, and was the inspiration for the drawing below that cheered me up on a gloomy and 'not wanting to be at work' day.

Go Fly a Terry

At least now you have the answer to what Bruce thought of the boys flying Terry like a kite.

I am happy that I have been able to post new webcomics these past few months and knowing now that my life has changed for the best.

Thank you all,

The Black Cat aka Jo Ann

Baby Bat-Boo and Robin

Hi, Everyone!



75 Years Later

Happy Batman Day!


Now, now, Damian fans, don't get to upset with Terry. I'm sure one day, there will be a Black & White Statue of Damian's Batman but for now let Terry have his moment.

After all, Dick has three of these Black & White statues as Batman.

I would love them to do one of Jason and Tim's Batman from the Battle of the Cowl. That would be cool.

And I since I throwing them out, how about one of Don Newton's Batman? Pretty please?

Amazon Attacks!

Hi, everyone!

I hope everything is going well.

I'll make some new iconsas soon as I can.

Thank you.


Having Fun at Facebook

If you follow me at Facebook, I posted early in the month that there would be a new Batman & Sons comic. Well, once again, free time was limited and there was no way I was going to have it finished in time to keep my promise.

Well to make up for it, this little comic popped in my head, and with a little cheating of cut and paste and not coloring the boys, I hope this will make up for it.


Just Want To Wish You...


(Come on, there was no way I wasn't going to do this.)

Have a great holiday, everyone.


Sneak Peek


Just giving you all a heads up that I won't be uploading anything new for the rest of the year. That includes the next chapter for the Christmas Play story but don't worry, I'll continue it next Christmas (2014).

I was going through my folders on my desktop and actual folders on my desk, and realized I have a mass collection of Batman & Sons short comics as well as two completed stories drawn out that I need to get my butt going on to colorize them. Now that the last two years of my life have started to slow down, I'm looking forward to getting these done.

The funny thing about me is that no matter how busy I am, I continue to draw out these stories with Bruce and boys. I really love doing them and I want to give you a sneak peek of one of the panels from the new story I'm working on right now. But I'm being honest, it may not be done for about two years or so.

So I'll leave you wondering, "What are Bruce's three little rascals doing with Captain Carrot?"

Have a great holiday!


Bat Dead

It's never too soon to post for Halloween---


I decided to enter the Scribblenauts contest at deviantART. This is a smaller size than the one I posted at deviantART.



Wish me luck! :)


The big Bat thought of using this as his Christmas card but...


If any of you are interested, I have the original drawing up for sale on Ebay. This is the first time I have ever offered any artwork from the webcomic, so if you have been itching to own an original piece from me, this is your chance.

Here's the link:


Thank you. :)

No Comic Con

First off, I want to apologize for not updating my journal recently with the new drawings I have done concerning the San Diego Comic Con. A few folks at deviantART and Facebook asked if I was going and I let them know I wasn't.

But the worse part was, I had to tell the boys...

No Comic Con

Since I didn't include Dick in the first drawing, it was asked, "What was he going as?"

Blue Robin

Since I hate to disappoint the boys, I led them in a cheer of...

Next Year

So I sent them off to play...

Go Fly a Terry

I didn't forget the Icons!

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